April 07 - 7:13 AM
. Credits agency: DDB Tribal creative director: Anika Kempfensteffen art director: Christoph Stender . .
April 03 - 12:38 PM
Below, Uwe Duettmann‘s latest personal project: “15 Feet to Mars,” featuring postproduction by Digitales Leben… . . .
March 28 - 7:07 AM
. Credits agency: Jung von Matt creative director: Thim Wagner art director: Dina Rüwe . .
March 19 - 7:29 AM
Uwe Duettmann recently shot a print campaign for Lexware, a German manufacturer of software used primarily by small businesses. Sounds like dry subject matter, but the ads—by creative director Georg Fishböck of Reinsclassen—are quite vivid… . . .
February 28 - 11:21 AM
. Credits agency: Blue Hive art director: Tobias Vengalis . .
February 14 - 7:53 AM
SMart Book 2014, our new photo annual, is hot off the presses and was recently shipped to our clients and colleagues in the creative industry. Designed by Design: MW and printed by GZD in Germany, it showcases images—and new self-portraits—by the entire Stockland Martel roster. We’re very proud of the book and even more proud […]
January 06 - 7:09 AM
. Credits campaign: Telekom Netzoffensive agency: DDB Tribal creative director: Philipp Dietz art director: Simon Huke . .
December 19 - 7:06 AM
Uwe Duettmann recently photographed a lifestyle-centered campaign promoting Hamburger Abendblatt, a daily newspaper published in Hamburg. He was commissioned by the agency Oliver Voss, and the creative director was Till Monshausen. Here’s a look… . . .
December 04 - 11:42 AM
. Credits campaign: BMW 4 Series Coupé agency: Serviceplan creative director: Maik Kähler art director: Robin Lorentschat . . Credits campaign: Golf GTD agency: DDB Tribal creative director: Annika Kempfensteffen-Jöck . .
May 20 - 10:35 AM
The Stockland Martel Blog turned 4 this spring, so we thought it would be fun to look back at the posts that attracted the most views over the years. But instead of a list of links, our retrospective takes the form of the gallery below. Click on any image to view the whole thing as […]