September 23 - 4:10 PM
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ “The Boomer List” premieres tonight at 9 on PBS
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders‘ new documentary, The Boomer List, premieres tonight at 9 on PBS. Visit to learn more about the film. And to read Timothy’s interview about the making of The Boomer List, go to On Friday, “The Boomer List: Photographs by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders” opens at the Newseum in Washington, DC. Details here. . […]

August 26 - 6:28 PM
Rosie O’Donnell on why coming out was easy, and more revelations from Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ upcoming documentary “The Boomer List”
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders‘ new documentary, The Boomer List—which features intimate interviews by Timothy with 19 notable baby boomers—doesn’t premiere as part of PBS‘ “American Masters” series until September 23, but the buzz has already begun thanks to the press screenings. The New York Post, for instance, did a Page Six story noting that Rosie Donnell‘s coming […]

March 31 - 4:18 PM
AARP partners with Timothy Greenfield-Sanders to present “The Boomer List”
AARP announced today that it is partnering with award-winning photographer and director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders to present his new documentary project, “The Boomer List.” The project—which will look at 19 iconic boomers, one born each year of the baby boom (from 1946 to 1964)—will comprise an American Masters documentary film on PBS, a book, and an […]

February 14 - 1:53 PM
Presenting SMart Book 2014, our latest photo annual showcasing the work of the entire Stockland Martel roster
SMart Book 2014, our new photo annual, is hot off the presses and was recently shipped to our clients and colleagues in the creative industry. Designed by Design: MW and printed by GZD in Germany, it showcases images—and new self-portraits—by the entire Stockland Martel roster. We’re very proud of the book and even more proud […]

February 10 - 5:20 PM
From the archives: Donna Tartt by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
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October 31 - 2:25 PM
PBS to air Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ award-winning documentary “Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart” next week
. PBS has announced plans to broadcast Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart on November 7, as part of its American Masters series, USA Today reports. The 1998 documentary on the pioneering artist, who died on Sunday, was directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, who was a close friend of Reed’s. The film went on to win […]

August 26 - 7:43 PM
In honor of National Dog Day
National Dog Day, which was started in 2004 to bring attention not just to the permanent canine members of America’s families but also to the many dogs in need of rescue, is today. Below, a lil’ photographic show of appreciation for man’s and woman’s best friend… . . .

August 20 - 11:36 AM
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ “The Out List” now available as a coffee-table book
. Having made its broadcast debut on HBO in June, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders‘ The Out List is now available as a 160-page coffee-table book. The tome—which centers on a cross-section of Greenfield-Sanders’ portraits of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Americans—features interviews by Sam McConnell, a foreword by Orlan Boston, and an introduction by Richard Blanco. […]

June 26 - 7:18 PM
Don’t forget to tune in to “The Out List” tomorrow night on HBO
From the start of his career, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders has displayed a sixth sense for capturing the cultural zeitgeist. As Out magazine points out in a terrific new profile of him, Timothy homed in on New York during the Factory years, Los Angeles studio heads as Hollywood’s golden age was winding down, and New York artists […]

June 06 - 12:55 PM
Vanity Fair previews “The Out List,” the new portrait series and HBO documentary by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
The latest in Timothy Greenfield-Sanders‘ groundbreaking documentary film/portrait series projects will soon be making its national debut. Premiering June 27 on HBO, The Out List explores the identities of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in America, from entertainers to politicians to everyone in between. “When we started, we were calling the project  ‘Generation […]