July 22 - 1:50 PM
Art Streiber photographs fashion designer Carolina Herrera and her daughters for Vanity Fair Spain

July 19 - 10:58 AM
Art Streiber photographs Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey for Vanity Fair’s summer issue

July 14 - 11:04 AM
Art Streiber photographs Steven Spielberg for Entertainment Weekly
Art Streiber photographed Steven Spielberg for a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring a tour of the Universal Studios back lot with the legendary director. “I have photographed him more than a dozen times over the last 17 years,” notes Art. “When Spielberg walked onto the set, I handed him the camera and told him […]

July 12 - 11:01 AM
Art Streiber photographs “Silicon Valley” star T.J. Miller for the cover of Shortlist’s Tech Special

July 07 - 10:26 AM
Art Streiber on photographing Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown in uniform for the cover of ESPN The Magazine’s Fantasy Football issue—and in the nude for the 2016 Body Issue
“Our shoot with Antonio Brown was fast and furious,” says Art Streiber of his recent dual assigmment for ESPN The Magazine. “Our first order of business was to photograph him for the Fantasy Football cover of the magazine and then…ask him to take off his uniform and flex for the Body Issue. Antonio is in excellent […]

July 06 - 6:31 PM
Los Angeles prom-goers are the focus of portrait photographer Art Streiber’s new personal project
To kick off a new series of personal portrait projects, Art Streiber recently photographed a group of Los Angeles teens dressed up for prom. “Going to the prom in 2016 has changed in so many ways since I went to the prom in the early 1980s,” observes Art, “and yet, many aspects are exactly the […]

June 30 - 5:18 PM
Art Streiber shoots MSNBC’s new ad campaign
As part of its rebranding effort, MSNBC commissioned Art Streiber for a campaign showcasing four groups of its talent. An ad titled “Pros” features Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews, and Brian Williams; “The Codebreakers” includes Chris Hayes, Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace, Steve Kornacki, Eugene Robinson, and Lawrence O’Donnell; the “Road Warriors” stars […]

June 29 - 4:04 PM
Portraits by Nadav Kander, Jeff Lipsky, and Art Streiber featured in Communication Arts’ 2016 Photography Annual
Congratulations to Nadav Kander, Jeff Lipsky, and Art Streiber, whose work was among the winning entries in Communication Arts‘ 2016 Photography Annual, in the editorial category. Here’s a look…  

June 27 - 5:20 PM
Art Streiber photographs Netflix’s newest star, Miranda Sings, for the cover of Variety
Colleen Ballinger made herself into a YouTube sensation known as Miranda Sings, earned the admiration of none other than Jerry Seinfeld, and landed her own show on Netflix: Haters, Back Off, which premieres this fall. Art Streiber photographed her for the cover of Variety‘s June No. 3 issue. Read the article here: “Miranda Sings Leads […]

June 14 - 8:36 PM
Art Streiber is one of 55 artists and celebrities donating work and one-of-a-kind autographed items to the Art for ALS auction this month
Want to contribute to a good cause and get a memorable image or artwork in the process? Then check out the Art for ALS auction, which will raise money for and the research it supports at ALS Therapy Development Institute to find a cure for the disease. The auction kicked off this month and […]