September 16 - 1:31 PM
Art Streiber photographs “The Faces of Funny”—Kate McKinnon, Allison Janney, Samantha Bee, and Tracee Ellis Ross—for Entertainment Weekly

September 13 - 4:39 PM
Art Streiber photographs celebrity newlyweds Kevin and Eniko Hart
Superstar comedian and actor Kevin Hart and photographer Art Streiber have collaborated on a number of comic photo shoots, including for Entertainment Weekly and GQ. But their latest shoot struck a decidedly different tone. Hart asked Art to photograph himself and his then-fiancee (and now wife), Eniko Parrish, for a series of fashionable portraits of […]

September 09 - 5:53 PM
Art Streiber shoots slyly designed key art for Comedy Central’s “Roast of Rob Lowe”

September 08 - 10:12 AM
Dogs and their owners: a new portrait series by Art Streiber
For his latest personal portrait series, Art Streiber ventured into fur-tile territory: dogs and their owners. “Dogs fascinate me,” he says. “I am intrigued by how we anthropomorphize dogs, attributing all kinds of emotions and personality traits to our pets: ‘He’s just shy.’ ‘She loves people.’ ‘He hates the cold weather.’ And, of course, I’m […]

August 29 - 2:04 PM
Art Streiber photographs “Last Man on Earth” star Will Forte for GQ’s comic look at “How to Master the (Surprisingly Difficult) Art of Working From Home”

August 23 - 11:17 AM
Art Streiber photographs an ecstatic Kevin Hart for the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s “Happy Issue”
Kevin Hart is “the biggest comedy star in the nation,” proclaims Entertainment Weekly, which commissioned Art Streiber to photograph him for the cover of its “Happy Issue.” Here’s a look at the portraits, some of which feature fanciful illustrations by Zohar Lazar.  

August 17 - 12:57 PM
Art Streiber shoots key art for “The New Celebrity Apprentice,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

August 11 - 12:37 PM
Paws for reflection: Art Streiber shoots key art for season two of the TBS comedy “Angie Tribeca”

August 08 - 11:53 AM
Art Streiber shoots key art for the A&E reality series “Wahlburgers”

August 05 - 6:21 PM
Happening now: Art Streiber takes over the Entertainment Weekly photo department Instagram feed
All day today on the Instagram feed of Entertainment Weekly‘s photo department, Art Streiber will be showing and telling about some of his most memorable images from 20 years of shooting for the magazine. He had to pick from 121 shoots and 44 covers, so it’s been fascinating to discover what he’s chosen.  What you […]